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Our company, has the capacity to make an application in every country where the necessary conditions are present for the protection of industrial property rights and has established a strong solution network in Turkey and in the World. In addition to meeting it’s clients needs in a quick, practical and sensible way with it’s “SOLUTION FOCUSED” approach, it has taken a “HONESTY, CONFIDENTIALITY AND CONSISTENCY” based sustainable service approach principle.
Our company always acts with the priority of providing its clients with a different perspective on intellectual and industrial property rights by constantly being one step ahead and exceeding expectations.FIGEN KONAK Trademark, Patent and Copyrights, operates in the below main areas both in Turkey and in the World.

• Trademark Registration
• Geographical Indications
• Patent Registration
• Domain Names
• Utility Model Registration
• Computer Software Records
• Industrial Design Registration
• Integrated Circuit Topography

Our company posesses years of knowledge, know-how and experience within itself.

Company Policy:
The main objective is not the actual undertaking of the work but is meeting the need and providing solution suitable to the situation.
It is the execution of rational solutions with a rational pricing policiy.
It is the undertaking of the Works and the processes by the most secure manner in Turkey and in the World.
It is the adopting of a sustainable service understanding.
It is to act with a sincere point of view, to be honest, and consistent.
It is the adopting of fast, quick and practical operation.

Our Authorities


Company Manager
Patent & Trademark Attorney

She is the manager and the partner of MARCANORM Trademark, Patent and Consulting Services Trade Company. In 1998, she graduated from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Finance, Uludağ University. She participated in various education programs; "Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, National and International Applications", Ankara University Faculty of Law -in the field of within the scope of FISAUM, "Alternative Solutions, R & D, Patents, Competition and Applications in Patent Disputes and Intellectual Property Disputes", Middle East Technical University. She became a trademark representative in 2003 and a patent representative in 2005 and she was included on the list of registered representatives in the Turkish Patent Institute. During this period she became a member of Gülhane Military Medical Academy, where she gave training seminars on "Patent Rights" as an educator. She has 17 years of experience and knowledge in consultancy, training, portfolio management and industrial rights development, and contract development related to the protection of industrial rights of local and foreign clients. She is also a member of the Patent and Trademark Representatives Association.

“With 17 years of experience...”